What Other Parents Have To Say

“I thought I would post an update of our daughter for you ! She got all Bs on her last report at the end of last year. Today she received an resilient learner award for improving her grades and she was also named captain of her football team !! We owe a lot of how far she has come to you and will be forever thankful for all the time and effort you put into our girl! Even singing to her when she was little to keep her engaged ❤️”

— Cassy

“After missing almost a year of schooling fighting cancer we were terribly worried about how our daughter would catch up and regain her confidence. Yet working with Yvette, our girl has achieved more than we would have imagined possible. Now we have a happy and healthy child who is taking incredible steps educationally. I cannot praise Yvette enough, listening to my daughter read to me is the most amazing gift ever.”

— Kim

“I don't know what we would have done without Yvette. She was a god send. Both my girls were struggling at school. The teachers kept telling me everything was okay. By the end of the year they turned around and wanted me to sign a letter giving my permission for them to attend learning support. Yvette took my girls on and by the end of their tuition, both wanted to read. My oldest is into chapter books. What a turn around.”

— Sharon

“I wish every class teacher was like Yvette. Josh loves her. He looks forward to her lessons each week. We have seen a little boy go from a withdrawn student to one who now sees himself as a clever student who can do anything. The biggest problem now is he thinks he knows everything. That's a problem we don't mind dealing with.”

— Helen

“Yvette took my daughter on after she was dismissed from the reading recovery programme in year 2. She was barely reading a Level 12 book. Today, she is fully in control of her reading and at times is helping the other kids in her class. Even her teacher has noticed the changes.”

— Jo

“We can't thank Yvette enough. At the end of last year, we were told that we should have Jordan tested. He was underachieving compared to his peers and he was having a lot of trouble with his sounds. After one term with Yvette he is now reading 10 levels higher, and can recall and write his sight words and loves to do his homework. After lessons on Saturday all Jordan wants to do is his homework for Yvette.”

— Toni

“We had Yvette help Matt during the holidays before he started school. After a year in Prep, he still didn't know his letters and sounds and reading was not an option. At the end of one term with Yvette, Matt reads at a level 3 and already has a bank of words he can recognise in books. He writes his letter better and is not mixing up his d's and b's or his p's and q's. It's only early days but we will be continuing with the lessons.”

— Suzie