Frequently Asked Questions

I'm worried that my child is too old/young to help. What ages do you cater for at TLC?

Generally we can offer a programme for any child from Prep to Year 7.

What if I suspect my child is falling behind but I'm told not to worry?

Talk to other parents. Find out what their children are reading or how they are performing. Do you share common concerns? If your instinct is to seek help, you are most likely right.

How do I know if my child is really behind at school? Who should I talk to?

Speaking with your child's teacher on a regular basis about their progress and where they are in relation to their peers is beneficial and gives you some indication. Read carefully all reports and if you are unclear about the contents, seek clarification from the school/teacher. All children in Queensland schools are ranked throughout the year on reading 'levels'. Finding out from your child's teacher what level they are on and more importantly, whether this level is progressing and not stagnating is important. Don't leave questions until the end of the year. As a general guide, your child's teacher would have a good understanding of his or her ability by Term 2.

I have spoken to the teacher but nothing resulted from my concerns.

This is fairly common. Teacher's have up to 25 children in their classes from Prep to Year 3 and 30 in Years 5-7. It is not uncommon for teacher's to misdiagnose or overlook certain behaviours. Primary school teachers have only a general knowledge of the learning process. Seek out Specialists who are able to make informed assessments. You always have the right to make an appointment to see the Principal if you are not satisfied with the results or feedback you are receiving from any teacher in your school. These people work for you. You are the reason they are there in the first place. Never be afraid of asking the simplest questions.

How long is a lesson and where are they held?

Lessons are one hour. I would appreciate a 24 hour notice of cancellation. I am happy to provide lessons in the comfort of the child's home from Monday to Friday. Saturday morning sessions are held at an office centre in Bundall.

When is the best time?

I offer morning and afternoon sessions. If you are concerned about school absenteeism, a letter of consideration can be applied for from the school Principal. This way the school is aware of the late arrival or early leave needed to access private tuition.

How many lessons a week would be required?

This is up to each individual. I recommend at least one lesson per week. Generally, with parental support and the completion of home tasks to consolidate work covered, one lesson a week is adequate. Any form of tuition requires a certain amount of practise and with any skill, the more it is performed, the better the outcome.

For how long will my child require lessons?

This is entirely up to the client. There are no written contracts. I will always provide advice and keep you informed with regards to the student's progress. I am happy to collaborate with the class teacher on your behalf. If your child has progressed satisfactorily and the class teacher has seen progress at school, this is usually a good indication that tuition can be terminated.