About Us

My name is Yvette. For over 30 years, I have been sharing my enthusiasm for and knowledge of literacy to countless numbers of primary school aged children, their parents and teachers.

We are constantly hearing in the media that our school system is failing. Reports demonstrate a lack of funding and curricular consistency. Warnings are sounded that our teachers are over-worked, underpaid and in charge of class sizes are simply too big to adequately cater for. Whatever the reasons, the fact is simple and worrying. More and more children are experiencing problems with school performance.

Parents feel helpless, students feel pressured and ill-equipped as they fall further and further behind their peers. Eventually they get lost in the system and are categorised "special needs" or in need of "learning support".

To avoid the risk of this happening, it is critical that early detection, monitoring and intervention strategies be put into place. With a correct assessment made, an effective programme can be implemented to reduce the magnitude of problems experienced later.

Literacy is a vital cog in every aspect of life. For example, we must be able to read and communicate, work out expenses, check our accounts and simply know the correct time, basic yet essential requirements for living in the 21st century.

This site provides some information on my background in teaching, my desire for children to be empowered with literacy, and the services that I can provide. Where possible, useful tips and links will also be shared in order to help parents and carers seeking assistance and guidance. Please feel free to browse the site and contact me if you have any further enquiries. I hope you find it useful.