Our Staff

My name is Yvette Kogler and I have worked for Education Queensland for over 30 years. I am currently registered with the Queensland College of Teachers, hold a current blue card and am registered with the Federal Government's Tutorial Programme.

I have always enjoyed sharing my passion for reading and literacy and have spent a number of years as a Reading Recovery teacher within a number of primary schools. I have also been fortunate enough to be involved with the development team of Literacy Planet, working to create learning software for children to improve their understanding and application of literacy.

After becoming disillusioned with the Education system in Queensland and witnessing countless children falling under the radar, I decided to leave and consult independently helping those who need the extra time and support that is often not facilitated for in the school environment. As more parents sought out help for their struggling children, it became obvious that I was in a position to make a difference and so, The Literacy Centre was born.

One thing that sets The Literacy Centre apart is that I offer programmes that are based on a child's needs and that build upon strengths rather than focussing on weaknesses. Each student is treated as an individual and lessons are relaxed, providing a safe environment for your child to be challenged without feeling threatened or intimidated.

When students see themselves as successful learners, not only will their academic profile improve, but there will be a noticeable improvement in self esteem and confidence.